Using FEAR To Control The People Through The Media

For many of us who try to stay informed about the daily goings on in the world we flock to the media to stay informed. Most of us believe that the media is giving us the honest true news about current events, but are they really?

Journalists throughout the world have a heavy responsibility to the people, and that is to report the truth! But in many recent years this responsibility has come under question. Are agencies using the media to control the populace through a fear based news?


We all heard growing up our parents or grandparents say “You can’t always believe the news.”

In the last 10 years the majority of the news stories that have been circulated have begun and maintained a certain fear base in the populace of the world. The news has become a tool to control the people and sway opinions with fear. As an example, here are some of the top stories from the last 10 years:

  • 2000Y2K will destroy all electronics in the world
  • 2001Anthrax exposure to the public
  • 2002West Nile Virus will kill millions of people
  • 2003 – SARS will kill millions of people
  • 2005 – Bird Flue will kill millions of people
  • 2006 – E Coli will kill millions of people
  • 2008 – Financial collapse will destroy Society as we know it
  • 2009 – Swine Flu will kill millions of people
  • 2012 – The Mayan Calendar predicts the End of the World
  • 2013 – Conflict with North Korea will begin World War 3
  • 2014 – Ebola Virus will kill millions of people
  • 2015 – ISIS Terrorists are everywhere
  • 2016 – Zika Virus will cause the death of millions
  • 2020 – Corona Virus will kill millions of people
  • 2021 – Delta Variant will kill millions of people

All major news stories from this time frame created or maintained a heightened fear level in society and began a programming of the people. These stories were reported in such a manner that caused normal people to fear every aspect of their daily lives.

Fear of opening the mail (white powder), fear of going outside (illness/contagion), fear of your neighbor (terrorists), this also created a large portion of the populace to begin profiling people of different color or ethnic backgrounds. Today this is more evident in stories concerning law enforcement and the public, where a mistrust of law enforcement officers has been created, bringing with it the call to defund the police.

It is true that one of the golden rules of journalism is “IF IT BLEEDS, IT LEADS“. But at what point have we gone from factual news to opinionated news and fearful news.

There is an old saying in politics and journalism that holds perhaps more truth today then when it was coined, “If you control the media you control the people.” Has the public been lead away from using their own judgement as to what is right for them and their families? Have journalist abandoned their duty of reporting the facts?

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